Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I remember: 7

Call my name, tell me who I am,

Hold your hand out to me,

Guide me through this ruthless pain,

Please help me break free.

Hyun Joong looked up from the sofa he had settled himself on, his favorite spot to compose music and peered outside the window. The bright blue sky seemed to contrast the mood of his song, and he sighed out loud before reaching for his phone.

‘Kyu Joong-ah, where are you now?’

‘I’m about to step out to get cookies from the mart. What’s up?’

‘Nothing much, just feeling tired of being holed up in here for so long. Wait for me, I’ll go with you.’

Grabbing his keys, Hyun Joong headed for the door before he stopped in his tracks and turned his attention to the shelf on the right. Reaching his hand out, he pulled a picture from under the pile of books that always went unnoticed each time he passed the shelf.

He slowly turned the photo over, revealing the blissfully happy faces of two people who were laughing at the camera for their wedding photo shoot.

It was him.

And there she was.

Hyun Joong turned numb as he touched the face of the woman that had been haunting him for the past two years. Tears started forming in his eyes as he took her in, almost hearing her laughter as she threw her head back just as the camera clicked, preserving that moment in time forever. She looked so happy, in fact the both of them looked so happy.

So why did we start being unhappy?


Anonymous said...

that was a really nice picture to go with the chapter. thanks for updating so soon. hj should go all out and search for hb, get the answers that he's been seeking so badly.

Anonymous said...

Two years, the pain still burns..

Thanks for the update.

kianii said...

She was selfless, sacraficed their happiness, right? Just so he could be successful in his career.
I'm having a hard time accepting this, but, I see why she did it.

Anonymous said...

oh heart wrenched reading this chapter. Thank you so much..I really miss shillang and buin T.T

fudgeorange said...

Thank you so much for posting sooner than expected. :D I also miss shillang and buin, together. such a lovely couple!

Anonymous said...

as i was about to read your latest the song Can't I love you by Junsu from DH OST came on and I can't help but

Anonymous said...

i meant jinwoon ^^

Anonymous said...

i really hope that they'll meet each other in the next chapter or something. this story is so good!

babypam_08 said...

Chonsa, cant wait for the next chapter. One of the best fangfics ever! I need my Joongbo fix!

Anonymous said...

give us an update of this please. :)