Monday, March 28, 2011

What I remember: 6


Hwang Bo jolted awake as she heard the distinctive sound of something breaking in her kitchen. Grabbing her robe, she armed herself with her golf club as she inched her way towards the kitchen, ready to beat the daylights out of the robber that was stupid enough to create such a racket.

'Maybe he thought there wasn't anyone in, considering that it IS 2 in the afternoon,' she thought to herself before kicking herself for trying to rationalize why there was a robber in her house.

Creeping up to the door, she braced herself as she saw a tall man near the stove, she let out a loud yell before bringing up the club to smash on his back when she heard a voice that was all too familiar to her.

'Hwang Bo-ya! It's me!'

Opening her eyes slowly, she focused her eyes on the intruder that would have resembled Jinnie, only this man had a nasty looking beard.

'... Jinnie? Is that you?'

'What do you mean by is that me? Who else would be this good looking??'
he asked her back indignantly.

'Who would look good with a caterpillar on their face! What is with that vagrant look, did your coordi decide on a hobo look this time round?'

'It's.. manly. That's what all the girls say. Not that you'd know, you're hardly one,' he retorted sulkily.

'Yeah, well whatever. What are you doing here, robber?'

'I was trying to feed both you and me. But your bowls are useless. They keep breaking on me.'

'That's because you keep breaking them, idiot. What are you going to make?'

'I bought jajjangmyun. The instant kind.'

Hwang Bo immediately looked over his shoulder and saw the packets of instant noodles that she had avoided for two years. She could suddenly hear the clanking of the pots as he tried so hard to be quiet, him cursing under his breath when he burnt his hands as he prepared that meal for the both of them as she pretended to sleep on the couch. She could still remember the bitterness of his noodles, as he had burnt the sauce cooking it 'his special way'. But most of all, she could remember his gleeful look as she told him it was the best instant noodles she ever had.

Happiness lied in the simplest of things.

However, so did pain.

Taking in a deep breath, she looked at Jinnie and tried to shut the memories away.

'Jinnie... when will you ever learn...'

'What did I do now??'

'Nothing. Let's just go out and have something. My treat.'

Whooping with joy, Jinnie dragged her out of the apartment as he chattered on nonstop about everything that had happened to him since the last time they met. She couldn't get a word in, but she smiled at him as he did what he did best all the time. Whirlwind into her life like a typhoon of joy, cheering her up with his simplicity, and not knowing that his voice could be the the soothing balms for her aching heart.

Studying the man that was by her side now, Hwang Bo thought to herself.

'Jinnie... Sometimes, I wish... that it could have been you that stole my heart instead... That way, maybe all of us would have been happier...'


Anonymous said...

Could it be HJ who stole her heart?? :-P

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Guessing I'll find out later what happened after HB heard the hot debate between HJ and his manager.

..and Jinnie, please tell me it's Junjin of Shihnwa.

Thank you for the update..

Anonymous said...

thanks for updating! i just watched the joongbo cuts again for the nth time yesterday and was feeling joongbo-sappy all over again. now i come here and i see a new chapter...whooppee! i hope hj gets his memories of buin back and they meet again soon. please tell me there's a happy ending! :)


Anonymous said...

aww! i felt that stinging pain in my heart once again. the emptiness caused by someone i can really relate to that.

chonsa you're good!

been waiting for this.

thank you

`` dragonfly``

Anonymous said...

i've been waiting for this update.hoping for the next soon. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this chapter..thank you!!

fudgeorange said...

Bravo! Thanks Chonsa! :) I'm so glad you're still updating your blog.^^ great story!

Anonymous said...

wow u hve updated ur blog!!!i like lurking,ur really good! :)

thank u for giving me another ssangchu dose :)


Anonymous said...

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