Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I remember: 2

“He’s at it again… he’s doing it again…”

Kyu Jong opened his eyes as he heard the familiar thumping of Hyun Joong’s head against the table. Sitting up, he wondered if they made the right choice when they decided that he didn’t need to know or remember everything. The memories that drove him down that path of self destruction should be kept away and never brought back to surface… right?

At least that was what they all felt at that time. But now, it just didn’t seem like the right choice. Outwardly, Hyun Joong seemed to be living a normal life, but only his brothers knew the pain he was going through. He spent his days wondering what was missing in his life, almost begging to be told the truth only to be pushed away with a picture perfect drawing called his life.

Walking towards the kitchen, Kyu Jong peered at the lonely figure that was once his confident hyung. Sighing, he pulled up a chair opposite Hyun Joong and called out his name.

‘Hyun Joongie hyung.. it’s past midnight. You should be sleeping.’

Looking up, Hyun Joong managed a small smile at Kyu Jong before staring off into space again.

‘Yeah, I know. But strangely enough, sleep doesn’t come easily to me these days. Was I always like that?’

‘Nope. You were the sleeping god of our group. You would jump at any opportunity to sleep the day away, even thinking that it was perfectly normal to be hibernating.’

Hyun Joong scoffed at that remark and looked at Kyu Jong in the eye.

‘Well, if that was the truth, then I wish that part of me would come back.’

‘It was really true hyung. You could sleep through almost anything, except for tickles.’

At the mention of tickles, Hyun Joong looked up at Kyu Jong sharply before he saw a vision in his mind, of himself being shaken awake by a woman wearing an apron and trying to reach for his sides to tickle him more. The vision was so vivid that he could hear her laughter, but before he could see her face, his head suddenly felt like it was bursting and he fell over the table in pain.

‘HYUNG!!! Wake up, hyung!!!!’


Anonymous said...

poor leader, going through all the suffering. i hope buin is there waiting for him when he regains his memory and not already married to someone else. post more soon!


Anonymous said...

I'm going crazy wondering what happened to cause him to be this way {?} and HB (?)

Thank you for update, and I really like this ff.

~HaZeL~ said...

hehehe.. i remember that part clearly~~ ah! i miss them.
i don't watch WGM anymore after they left. i think the other couples are not as interesting as ssangchu couple. even khuntoria can't catch my attention~~ aa ottokae..

anyway, happy new year chosa n i love all ur posting..

Anonymous said...

omg don't tell me "Buin" died and in desperation he tried to kill himself, thus losing his memories D:
super interesting premise though~ will anticipate the rest of the story~

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving the story ...cant wait for your next update.

Thank You Chonsa !!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Queeny1971/Sopa said...

I need to contact you, I want to make a translation to spanish of all your post about the joongbo caps...
Can I put them with your name in my blog??
Is just a personal blog.. but I want to transmit this couple here, and you're the only one I found with the detailed episodes to translate...
Please contact me if you want to...
thanks from Argentina!

jac1268 said...

thumb up to chonsa...