Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What I remember : 1

A little project of mine that has been on my mind for sometime now, just never executed. Pardon the lack of structure, I just wanted to vent and write something I wanted to write, and not something I was asked to write. ^^

What I remember: 1

“Don’t come back here for your honeymoon, for she’ll remember.”

"I felt that you were someone that the gods sent me. I just wanted you to know that.”

Hyun Joong woke up in sweat once more, to the same dream that he had been having for the past two years. It was always the same dream, of him talking to someone whom he called Bu In at a place so high up that it felt that he could reach out and touch the clouds. And he could see the side profile of a woman so beautiful that it ached, as she sat crying at his words. But try as hard as he could, he could never see her face. He could never hear her voice. All he remember was the stabbing pain he felt, as he wanted to reach out to her so badly, yet was unable to.

Getting up from his bed, he walked out of his room and into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. These past two years just flew by in a blink of an eye as he was kept so busy with his work that he didn’t feel the days go by. He understood why everyone wanted to keep him so occupied, they were all worried that he would once again think of throwing himself out that window, the way he did that fateful morning two years ago, when he woke up and remembered absolutely nothing.

His SS501 brothers told him that he was involved in an accident, and that he was in a coma for a week before regaining consciousness. While he felt that they did tell him truth, there was a suspicion that they were holding back something from him. Not just them, everyone around him seemed to walk about as though he was an active landmine, about to explode at the slightest revelation of his past.

And no matter how he tried to pry into his past, he was always fed with the same information. That he was the leader of a successful Hallyu group. That he was venturing into acting. That he was the youngest son of his family. That he was once in love with a girl but had to lose her because of his work. That she was now happily married off to someone else. That he wanted to be the brightest star in the universe and would never stop working towards that direction.

But that didn’t stop him from feeling that there was a missing piece to his jigsaw puzzle. There was always that distant memory of a woman his heart ached to hold, that woman called Bu In. The one that came to him every night, and went away before he could touch her face and see her one more time.

And he would be left with the same question he asked himself every night.

Who is she?


Anonymous said...

i love it chonsie dear..
merry christmas and happy new year to you and your family ^^

-Maricris ^^

Anonymous said...

i like it already...i hope you continue the story


Anonymous said...

this is not the ending right? please continue. thanks

Anonymous said...

please continue the story...it's beautiful! ♥

Anonymous said...

I can feel his anxiety..

and thank you, I'm liking this ff.

Happy New Year.

katty1981 said...

nice...pls continue....

Anonymous said...

indeed it is beautiful! i love it!

Hyunika said...

This is awesome Chonsa...!

Anonymous said...

ooohh, this is good!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG.. This is da perfect story..