Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And it's...

... the last month of the year again...

So 2010 has been a somewhat exciting, tumultuous, exhausting yet refreshing year for me. Did a lot of things that I never thought I'd do, and met with a lot of friends that I had not seen in ages. This year was also another one that made me realize that there are so many other things that I can do, that I should do, but I had refrained from doing.

Which isn't right, is it?

SO I guess 2010 was a year of enlightenment for me? In a way, yeah...

Looking back on the year, I see that I have sort of moved on and away from a few things. Friends have drifted away, and some have grown closer, but we all know that we do think of each other and care right? I love you guys! *hugs*

I think I will be going back to law, been tutoring first years, and it's weird seeing how different it is to be a student and to actually impart knowledge. And it made me realize how much I missed law. How weird is that? I used to feel trapped by it, and now, I feel like I need to go back and see a family member that I have missed for ages.

And it's been great having this place as an outlet for things in my life, and to know that I am not alone here in my realm of fandom. Even though it may seem that I am a fan of something that has been forgotten by time, I really don't think that it matters. Why should me liking something have to have a time limit? Why must there be an expiry date on something as simple as that? I won't stop doing anything I want to do just because someone else thinks that I need to wake up and smell the coffee. I do smell the coffee, and it's great. I just like having my cake with my coffee as well, thank you very much!

Which pretty much says that I will still be blogging here, even if it may not be as often as before. But I won't give this up! ^^

Anyways, I have been watching both Secret Garden and Mary Stayed Out All Night and both dramas are simply AMAZING!!! Especially Mary, I would wanna get married too if I had a Kang Mu Gyul in my life.

Ya, Kang Mu Gyul! Where are you? I am waiting!

Christmas is coming soon as well!! The cheer and present buying has started since what, September? But it's finally starting to kick in now that it's DECEMBER!!! ^^

So how has this year treated you guys? Good? Bad? Let me know, I always feel that I don't know you guys enough, and I wish that I did. So share with me sometimes, yeah? I do read comments and stuff, despite my lack of replies.

But I will reply!






kiani said...

and it's almost the end of the year. Darn, it seems like as we get older, times just has a way of flying by. I wish time would just stop, so I could just do everything I wanna do on this day, xDD. Thank you for keeping this blog alive, it serves a purpose, believe me, like going back and researching Joongbo, by doing so, I pick up on tiny things, I missed before. But yeah, I feel the same sentiment as you, to heck with expiration, but only, I like my tea and love my cake with it too, lol.
Thank you Chonsa.... I will be Kiani and not anonymous....

Nonie said...

2010... seriously I don't know where to start. Bad or good all I can say I'm thankful for what I am today.

Thanks to you... I keep coming back here just to get back to my old feelings... u're right... there is no expiry date for something that we like. I enjoyed Secret Garden very much... MSOAN is definitely makes you wanna get married hahaha and I'm still not over Sungkyunkwan Scandal yet... argh good looking guys makes me goes crazy these day LOL.

I love coffee & I love tea but since I love my body 1st I have to cut off both of it & still enjoying the aroma ^^

Anonymous said...

2010... at first I thought it was ok and even bad cause I got lots of stress over some personal issues but the fandom stuff this year was soooo much fun and I was able to get closer to JB family and our beloved couple so I will say 2010 is really really GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chonsa!!!

You are definitely right, there is no expery coming here and so just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Best wishes in law. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Chonsa and all those who comes here and visit. Wishing you all the best... success in love, work, and friends. Stay happy and healthy.

Hyunika (Ssangchu101) said...

Hello Chonsa,

Agree that there is no expiry date for something that we like though life goes on... Thanks to you for such a wonderful blog and will never forget this is the place where the "class" first started and making a lot of friends."THANK YOU VERY MUCH.. Chonsa!" :)