Monday, September 13, 2010

Hwang Bo on the cover page of a Thai magazine

Now! Will someone! Send me this????


Hwang Bo has graced the cover of Thai magazine Lisa!! She also mentioned on her Twitter that she had taken the pictures featured in the magazine when she went to Thailand last week.

Hwang Bo was also in Thailand for a fan meeting session with her fans, and was greeted by them at the airport when she arrived late at night.

Other Korean artistes who have been featured in Lisa include Rain in 2007 and Super Junior's Shiwon and Donghae in 2009.



Anonymous said...

Hwangbo really does look like an international model. Saw some of the layouts from the Thai magazine (Lisa). Really very nice.
Again very lucky Thai fans, and even bringing her to your country for a fan meet.
Hwangbo fighting.....

Anonymous said...

so pretty *O* I'd love to get a copy as well kekeke

Akillarian said...

Wow. Congratulation to her :D