Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hwang Bo tweets

Hwang Bo recently revealed a picture taken of herself saying 'I'm fully energized! Going in for shooting now!'on her Twitter account.

She went on to say 'Despite knowing that this is something one has to do, there are times when one doesn't feel like doing it at all... should today be one of those days?' and asked 'Tweet friends, when times like these come about, what kind of mental attitude do you carry with you?'

Having read the messages left for her online, she thanked those who left the words of encouragement for her and stated that she was feeling fully energized and put up a picture of herself at that moment.

Her picture depicted her bubbly and cheerful self, complete with her little 'V' sign, giving off a feeling of spontaneity and animatedness.

Netizens commented that she looked her very best when she smiles, and spurred her on with words of encouragement.

Hwang Bo has also joined the ranks of other celebrity CEOs as she recently opened her restaurant.



Anonymous said...

Couldn't be more happy for her.
And yeah, also displayed in her restaurant were gifts she had received from Joongboer's from previous years, hmmm...(??)

iamemplangyoja said...

hwangbo unNi hwaiting!!!! you're still very pretty..classic