Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hyun Joong kisses.... Ho Young Saeng

Kyu Joong revealed that he witnessed a guy giving Young Saeng a kiss during Young Saeng's birthday...

And proceeded to bring Hyun Joong to the front, as he said that he would reveal the guy on 'Intimate Note'.

They then revealed that both Hyun Joong and Young Saeng were playing a game, and faced the penalty of having to kiss each other.

Jung Min also revealed that the both of them have always maintained a relationship of awkwardness, whereby the both of them were not able to converse as freely with each other as they do with the others.

Young Saeng stated that they were close, but strangely, the both of them were just unable to talk to each other.

Hyun Joong also admitted that despite being with Young Saeng 290 days out of the 365 days in a year, he was unable to act as informally around Young Saeng as he did with the rest of the members, and that if Young Saeng were to be late for any schedules, he'd just unknowingly say that it's okay whereas if it were the other boys, he wouldn't be as lenient, and would get angry with them.

The SS boys and Kara were both guests on Intimate Note where they were asked to reveal secrets that noobody knew about. The two groups, who are from the same company, spent an enjoyable time together as they sang and danced while having fun together throughout the programme.

This episode of Intimate Note will be aired on the 11th at 9.55 p.m. (Korean time).



Anonymous said...

ow... i just love HyunSaeng <3
lol... kyu n mal so naughty...
well, their awkwardness i guess is cuz they both sorta have that "attraction/affection" not in a gay way, but maybe like they find each other has something that they admire about? maybe...
oh well, wuteva it is... it's CUTE!!! lol..
SS501 is the best!
now i cant wait to watch it... haha...

Anonymous said...

awkward pair FTW~! it's so funny seeing them interact. I bet when HyunJoong goes off to play with JaeJoong, YoungSaeng is all "ohh so your going off to play with him again huh?huh? tell him I said hi in case he's interested in knowing i'm alive". and HJ is all "....." kekekeke